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25 May 2009 @ 10:23 am

Comment here with your characters' names and find out what my characters fantasize about you, if they Sexual content not guaranteed unless you are a marginally attractive male who has ever payed any attention to Emma.

Characters be: Lal Mirch, Boss, Yuffie, Emma Emmerich, Lady and Lluvia
01 April 2009 @ 08:01 pm
Welcome to the Busted Ball. The rules are here to ensure that some clean, safe fun can be had by all. They may change or be expanded upon as you all get creative in expressing your own beautiful and unique forms of stupid as I'm sure you will. The management reserves the right to enforce these rules by any means necessary, though frankly she'd rather not. Let's all just get along, OK ♥?Read more...Collapse )
30 March 2009 @ 12:56 pm
Age: late twenties/early thirties. Obviously not a teenager anymore, but still smokin' hot

Height: shorter than all the giant freaks

Weight: athletic

Medical Info: many, many, many scars. Much scarring! Biggest and most visible ones are a slash across the nose and a three-inch-wide stab going in one side of her leg and out the other. A little harder to break and heals a little faster than "normal" humans. See below!

Eyes: One is dark red and the other ranges from grey/blue to green depending on the lighting. However, she will generally have the orange shades in her icons on. While they are not quite opaque, they do mask the fact that her eyes are boatlights.

Hair: black short feathered

Physical Traits: normal human woman drrrr idk ANTI GRAVITY BOOBS? In addition to aforementioned shades, at almost all times in camp she will be carrying around her rocket-launcher that has a big-ass bayonet on the end. Even if it's not over her shoulder, it won't ever be far from her.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him: Prrrretty much anything? Poke her about things involving her back story and she'll get touchy. Call her "Mary" and she'll probably shoot you.

Abilities: Lady is described repeatedly as "normal human" but this is DMC so that is actually bullshit. She is- by any reasonable definition- kind of a tank. We see her weather with little to no apparent ill effects being shot, stabbed, electrocuted, tossed off sky-scrapers, smashed face-first into solid stone, grabbed and squeezed by a demon earlier being shown crushing rock, burned, flung at walls, and last but far from least surviving a fight with Dante while he wasn't pulling any punches. What's more, if you do manage to actually hurt her (oh, lets say by cutting through the better part of her leg including bone) she'll slap an ace bandage on that shit and be good to go.

Skills here are basically being a good shot, and very acrobatic. Her fighting style uses all guns, but she can still defend herself easily if something gets close. She could make perfect head-shots and fifty paces while juggling and shoot bullets out of the air back when she was a rookie. So while she might not be able to take on the king of hell, for day-to-day shit? Lady can keep up with the heavy-hitters of her canon easily.

Also: complete twink of a pool shark. Don't make bets with her. It will end badly for you.

Fighting: fuck yeah

Notes for the Psychics: as a Devil May Cry character, she's got a few issues. But those issues are from a long time ago and she's gotten infinitely better at keeping her emotions under control. Her mind is steady and calculating, and slightly less focused on money than you may be led to believe. Under the loan-sharking and the plotting and the "FFFFFF I AM SURROUNDED BY MORONS" she's a bit idealist and optimistic in her own way. Yeah there's some emo deep down but she's like 75% over it and what she's not over she just shoves out of the way. If you dig reeeeeeal deep you may see that her name used to be Mary.

People with magic pings, Lady is a normal human, though tied to some dark mojo. Key to hell, last of an ancient line so forth. This is no longer plot relevant in any way though she will still ":|" at you if you bring it up.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure!

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Lady likes to maintain a healthy personal bubble. You're welcome to try, but unless you're on the very short list with hugging privileges (or a kid) you may find yourself staring down the business end of a Desert Eagle.

Maim/Murder/Death: Give me the heads up, but probably o/

Cooking: Basic cooking skills. Enough to get by, but nothing fancy.
30 March 2009 @ 12:48 pm
Character: Lady
Series: Devil May Cry
Character Age: Late twenties/early thirties circa DMC4
Job: Being the seedy owner of the seedy pool hall in which seedy characters can come play seedy games of pool. Seedily!

Canon: Welcome to Devil May Cry. Two thousand years ago, blah blah blah, gates to hell, demons everywhere. Now today a hero must rise up, everyone has mommy issues more blah blah blah and also sometimes we have musical numbers. It's a really cool series where really cool stuff happens. In a world where the main character is too busy being shirtless and killing things to pay attention to the laws of physics, let alone the plot, you need someone there to give our hero a gentle nudge in the right direction. The devil-hunter Lady is the one here to give that nudge. And by "nudge" I mean "shoot him in the head and/or blackmail him into doing what she says."

She may be just about the only fully human combatant in the series, but don't for a second think that it means she can't keep up with the big boys. With her motorcycle and custom-made melee MANPADS (yes), it's her goal to rid the world of demons that would hurt humans. Her domineering attitude, skills forged by raw willpower, and steadfast refusal to take shit from anyone ends up meaning that not only can she keep up with 'em, but in some cases, said "big boys," in fact, owe her a lot of money. Being a pool shark able to out-play the devil himself doesn't hurt either.

Obey them or go fuck yourself. :)

1. Pool tables are for pool. Do not put your drink on them or I will collect your drink. Don't put your weapons on them or I will collect your weapons. Do not put your filthy-ass fucking feet on them, or I will collect your filthy-ass fucking feet. Et cetera.

2. Respect the equipment.

3. Do not kill your fellow patrons without the express consent of the management. Not the implied consent. Not the it-was-OK-last-time consent. Express consent. That means you say "Mother May I" and I say "Yes you may." Or (preferably!) you could just take your shit outside where I don't have to deal with it.

4. No one cares if you are offended by the decor. That's not your Aunt Sally's head nailed to the wall. That's a demon that was making a dick-head of itself and ruining my day. And if it is your Aunt Sally? Guess what! I still don't care. Also, it's completely boss. Blow me.

5. Watch your damn language if there are fucking kids in the room.

6. No, there is no beer on tap. Yes, the signage on the bar would suggest that we have a selection of fine domestic and imported ales. That would, in fact, be bull. So unless you want some outdated tang, salty water with sand in the bottom, or lukewarm pig's blood, you're out of luck.

7. Do not order a glass of lukewarm pig's blood. You fucking freak.

8. If you are covered in more than a quart of any bodily fluid not your own, you might want to take a shower before you come in. I know I'd want you to take a shower.

9. Actually, that applies to your own bodily fluids too.

10. Go easy on the chalk, kids.
10 a. The chalk is not to be used for drawing arcane symbols with the intent to summon demons within the pool house. FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Remember, the rules aren't here to limit your fun. They're in place to protect the safety and comfort of all who wish to use the pool hall. With a little common sense and flexibility I think that this can be a great place we can all enjoy. However, failure to comply with any of these rules (ESPECIALLY RULE 3, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) will result in your immediate removal from the premises. Repeat offenders may be shot at our discretion.

-The management. ♥

Voting went here 95.6% /o/